Biblical Counselor Training

You may not have considered this, but you are a counselor. Each one of us counsels
friends, family, and on an ongoing basis, we counsel ourselves. …but what is the
basis of the counsel we give ourselves and others?

As believers in Jesus Christ, our counsel should come from the Word of God. We
are flooded with worldly solutions to the problems we face, and in this world, our
problems are many. Biblical Counseling places the authority of the Bible as the
source of wisdom and solutions to our trials.  There is an opportunity to learn to 
counsel biblically. There are two tracks: one option for biblical discipleship, and 
another to be trained as a certified Biblical counselor.

You may be interested in counselor training, but resist signing up because of an
internal argument that you lack the time or the skill. I felt the same too. Despite how
we may feel, as we step out in faith, our God meets us and gives us grace for the day.

Dave Lee is an excellent teacher, and those that have gone through the training have
been equipped to minister to others as trained counselors. We encouraged one
another throughout the process, and continue to do so. It is rewarding serving the
body of Christ in this way.

If you have questions about the counseling ministry, or about the classes coming this
fall, please speak to David Lee or email him at

August 2015