Biblical Counseling Testimony

Hi David,

How are you? Hope all is well with you and Eryn

I have been thinking about writing you a BIG thank you for weeks now. Where to start?… I will
tell you my life is good and I am good for what feels like the 1st time in my life. When I started
working with you last year I remember you asked me to rate my ’life satisfaction’ from 1-10. I think
it was a 1… Today I can say I’m consistently about an 8 and it’s not due to my ‘outer life' (though
that has improved as well) but rather my inner life and by God miraculously changing my heart
and renewing my mind.

Consistent being a key word.... Before working with you my life had been filled with MANY lows
and a few highs now and then but I was queasy from riding that roller coaster after 40+ years. I
had just completed 3 months of intensive outpatient treatment in the ‘mental health sector’,
which still lacked what I needed to heal. I needed Jesus and had searched all over in people,
places, things and especially false religions and cults.

It feels like I had a surgical procedure that changed the lenses in my eyes and the wiring in my
brain and heart. My focus went from ME and seeking self-fulfillment, which is what the world
and ‘self-help’ tells us to do, to walking with Jesus, which is when we receive genuine blessings. It
doesn’t make sense intellectually and I am quite a thinker.

Somehow you led me to the Truth, light and freedom from bondage. Today I am still single,
currently have a broken foot, live alone in a 2-story, which would have thrown me into a deep
depression in the past since being on crutches requires me crawling, grunting and a lot of sweat
just getting myself ready for work. With a renewed mind and heart I am filled with gratitude
that it’s my left foot so I can drive, is a bone so will heal faster and pray God uses this for His

I have a job I enjoy without the chronic stress I had always been under. I used your decision
making worksheet to discern the 4 job offers I had. The others ‘seemed’ good on paper but I
felt God leading me to this one which didn’t seem logically the best fit. You taught me to trust
and make all decisions based on His rule book (Bible) not the world's…It works and while I don’t
intellectually know why I feel immensely blessed. I could go on and on but will close by
shouting “Thank you David!!!!!”

May you be deeply blessed as you have blessed me.

July 9, 2015