Biblical Counseling Testimony

Whenever we had a disagreement of any kind—even an apparently minor issue—anger would
almost immediately flare, making resolution almost impossible. So we ignored the issue hoping
it would disappear with time. Wishful thinking. Unfortunately, this anger was bilateral and we
didn't know how to deal with it.

When we first saw David, we expected him to start asking us questions about our relationship
and our problems. To our great surprise, he seemed uninterested, at least for the entire first
session. Didn't ask us a single question about the topic. Strange indeed!  No, he was much more
interested in knowing what we thought of the Bible and whether we believed its content and its
completeness. David’s purpose soon became clear: If you are dealing with a doctor who has
complete and perfect knowledge of all sicknesses and deseases and knows all the cures that
are guaranteed to work, why would you not trust him with your illness? Made perfect sense to
both of us, so we were prepared to listen to the solutions and “take the prescription”.

Biblical counseling is not just a rehash of all the psychobabble we had already experienced a few
times before through “Christian Counseling”. There were no searches into our distant past to
discover any possible “cause” to our problems; (right off the bat, we saved maybe one or two
years worth of wasted counseling time, traveling through irrelevancy).

We were immediately made aware of the fact that we are adults, and, therefore responsible for
our own behaviors (so this is not entirely my mom’s fault?). David led us to specific Bible verses
that clearly showed the sins in our lives, and other verses that exposed God’s solutions to those
sins. As a man, I realized that I was not loving my wife the way God wants me to. This was
causing resentment on her part (well deserved, I might add). We were asked to memorize certain
verses that were constant reminders of God’s role in our lives and His solutions to our
problems. Who can argue with God?

We were also to read a book that dealt with our specific dilemma from a biblical viewpoint. The
solutions to our conflicts were not to be found in finding fault with my wife but in my own
responsibility towards her, regardless of her response. In other words, behave in a godly manner,
regardless of the short term lack of “results”, just because God commands it. God says it, I
believe it, that settles it!!

By golly, God really does know what He is doing; wouldn’t you know it? It works; it works!
Pretty soon, results start appearing, and we start to notice we have fewer disagreements; and the
ones we still have are quickly resolved, plus we both feel closer to each other and there is more
love in our house. And all this within a few short weeks, not years worth of expensive and
fruitless counseling.

We are both very thankful to the Lord and to David Lee for all the help we have received, and
look forward to still growing in our much improved relationship. We highly recommend this
counseling to anyone blessed enough to receive it.

March 2012