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Remembering is a theme we have spoken about repeatedly in The Summit throughout the past month. Story telling is a powerful thing, and an important practice in our faith communities as well. We cannot get around that God set up for His people several practices that lead to remembrance of an event. Through this remembrance, parents and elders were encouraged to share the story of God and his mighty acts with the younger generation, so that they might stand in awe and never forget God. God recognizes and taps into the importance of story telling and reminiscing. I often wonder if that is why he created coffee . . . .

The more I walk with the Lord, the more I find that I am very forgetful. The mighty acts God performs are quickly forgotten in the cacophony of my day. Among the diaper changing, bath routines, wrestling matches, and constant picking up of toys I find little time to think about or find God. I find myself simply surviving till 8:30pm when I crawl up on the couch for a few moments of peace, which tend to be self absorbed. And so the days pass and pass without much change.

But this season we are currently in brings me to a place of reflection. The excitement and anticipation of the coming of Christ, and the celebration surrounding that event, remind me of past seasons and stories. Yet the question I have to ask as I approach this season is this:  will the routine of the celebration lead to the correct reflections of a God who dramatically loved and radically acted?  Or will that routine simply entertain my thoughts with family traditions and gifts?

 I recently read the account of the Exodus and it struck me anew, especially in this season, that God set up the dedication of the firstborn (Ex. 13:1-16) all in an effort to keep his people from forgetting the powerful act of the Passover. He knew that event, so powerful and amazing, would be forgotten in time. God says: “It is a reminder that the power of the LORD’s mighty hand brought us out of Egypt.” (Ex. 13:16 NLT). As I read those words I couldn’t help but think about the powerful and beautiful act of Jesus’ birth and the freedom it brings.

 The story of Jesus’ birth has, at times, been lost on me as the lights and glitter of the Christmas season dazzle and compete for my attention. This year, as we approach the communion table and the Advent of Christ, it is my prayer that God will allow this time of celebration to remind me of “the power of the LORD’s mighty hand” that brought me up out of my own Egypt, my own slavery. Further, I pray that the stories I share while sipping coffee will be more about the glory of Christ’s redemptive work in my story. May God bless your Christmas season with stories of His mighty and amazing acts . . . . and, of course, with lots and lots of coffee!!!

 Greg Cady

Director of Youth Ministries



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