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The Power Behind The Preacher

It has often been asked, “What was the power behind his preaching and ministry?”  While there are several significant answers to that question, I think the answer Spurgeon would give is “prayer.”  I say that because here is an often quoted story about Spurgeon… “When people would walk through the Metropolitan Tabernacle (the facility in which he preached), Spurgeon would take them to a basement prayer room where people were always on their knees interceding for the church. Then the pastor would declare, ‘Here is the powerhouse of this church.’"

Spurgeon understood that people were coming to Christ not because of his intellect and talent, but because God was answering the prayers of his people.

I haven’t read a lot of Spurgeon’s works, but one I have read is called “The Soul Winner.”  In the book he addresses ministers and the following is a passionate request from Spurgeon..

If you want your people as well as yourself to be soul-winners, try and keep up the prayer-meetings all you can…..  Keep up the prayer-meeting, whatever else flags; it is the great business of the week.

I tell you about Spurgeon and quote those words to make two requests of my own.  One, I ask you to register for and attend the prayer conference our church is hosting on February 11th.  The prayer committee has worked hard to put the conference together and it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be spurred on to pray.

And second, I ask you to join the Powerhouse of Prayer, which is a gathering of people every Sunday morning who ask God to work in our worship service and in the lives of people.  I have found this to be a rich time of prayer that prepares me for worship and as a pastor gives me great confidence in the work of God.

If you are uncomfortable praying in front of other people, that is fine, simply come and pray silently while others lead.  If you can’t come every week, that too is fine.  Come when you can.

If as a church we are serious about seeing the lost saved, we must all be serious about gathering together for prayer.  Spurgeon understood this.  His words are true.  The prayer-meeting is the great business of the week.

Loving, Building and Serving with you,

Pastor Glenn

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